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Mold is sneaky and thrives in many places. 

DETECT the presence of mold in your home, car, or at work with proper mold testing. First, visually inspect your test area for signs of discoloration, moisture intrusion, or dampness, and pay attention to musty or earthy smells. Then, you can use the following products to help you find and diagnose the problem so it can be properly fixed and remediated:

EC3 Mold Screening Test Kits
These test plates are easy to use and provide results in just 5 days. These test plates do not include lab analysis but are a great place to start. They can show IF you have a problem and WHERE it is. They are also helpful tools for maintaining your home and monitoring mold levels to keep things in check. 

Mycotoxin Test Kits

These tests are the next step in finding out your level of exposure to the mold toxins that make you sick. These test kits contain everything you need to collect samples for professional, clinical, mold and mycotoxin analysis for your indoor environments.

Keep Testing! Be sure and test after remediation and periodically to keep illness from reoccurring. The key is to be diligent! You should do check-ups on your home just like you do on your body. Knowing if there are indicators or signs of a mold problem early help you to prevent future illness or health problems. 

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