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EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate
EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate


EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is an all-natural botanical solution that can be used to manage surface mold and bacteria and to decrease the overall fungal load in your indoor environments.

This patented, non-toxic solution contains a proprietary blend of citrus seed extracts designed to remove mold spores that collect on hard and soft surfaces. The solution has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is a vital part of mold maintenance for healthy indoor environments.Once properly diluted with distilled water, 1 bottle of concentrate can yield 1 gallon of cleaning solution.

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1.00 LBS
Product Size:
16 FL OZ. Concentrate
Active Ingredients:
Proprietary natural botanical blend of citrus seed extracts.
Inactive Ingredients:
Distilled water, Vegetable glycerin
Use to eliminate musty smells in non-washable textiles and furnishings, or to help control mold levels in your home on hard surfaces and areas where you suspect mold growth or feel yourself reacting. When used regularly, this product can keep indoor mold counts down to acceptable levels. Directions: Mist diluted solution on soft surfaces like drapes, furniture or carpets and allow to air dry. Spray or wipe on hard surfaces, such as counter tops and floors, and allow to air dry or wipe off. This product is safe for all materials, surfaces and fabrics. Treating items and areas for mold can be done as often as needed. This product is safe for children and pets, does not off-gas, contains no harmful chemicals and is not toxic. Product can also be used in the fogger to treat larger areas for mold, or to spray your car heating and air conditioning system to clear and prevent mold accumulation and circulation inside of your vehicle.

6 Reviews EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate

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  • Have used for years. Wonderful natural product.

    Posted by Carla


    I cannot say enough about all the ways I use this product. I mix a gallon at a time and use to spray the house, my air conditioning system in car, clean furniture or other items and spray in washer after every load. Highly reccommend.

  • Fogging my house was amazing!

    Posted by Angie G


    After testing with mold plates, I realized I had a real problem. (Numerous mold colonies in basement, living room, bedroom. I asked a friend of mine to help me deal with it. He suggested EC3 mold solution and we rented a fogger from Home Depot. We first looked for moisture and leaks everywhere. My humidity was below 40%. I had to buy a dehumidifier for the basement that was around 70%. We swept and HEPA vacuumed the entire house (no dusting). After, we fogged EVERYTHING on all 4 levels (basement, 1st, 2nd,3rd, attic). After a while we then vacuumed everything in the living areas: Floors, rugs, furniture (removed cushions and used upholstery tool), curtains the living areas again. The results were amazing. Only a very few mold colonies on tests. Since then, I bought a Sani-tizer fogger and I fog once a week and test on occasion. My sinuses are much better and I sleep well. My house smells fresher and a gallon EC3 lasts a long time!

  • Single Best Healthcare Investment I ever made.

    Posted by Tom


    Buying the SANI+TIZER fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Spray is the single best healthcare investment I have made ever. I feel so much better!

  • So many uses

    Posted by Lindsay Zirkle


    I use this product everyday. I use in the sanitizer flogger and it makes cleaning so easy. I also will spray on my dog when she comes in from outside. I notice an immediate difference after using the product.

  • I use on everything

    Posted by Cindy Canoy


    I LOVE both of these. We use them weekly to fog our home with a sprayer. I use the small spray to spray my car. I also fog my clothing with this. I've fogged rugs that were contaminated. I did before/after mold plate tests and the results were phenomenal. I couldn't make it without this Mold Concentrate. It's much more cost efficient to get the Concentrate than the Mold Solution Spray.

  • After repeated use, we no longer had any black mold in the shower drain

    Posted by Jennie Wood


    I use this product in several ways. I mix it with distilled water according to the instructions. I pour it from the gallon container into spray bottles. We use one quart spray bottle to spray down the shower doors, walls, and drain after each use. We found that after repeated use, we no longer had any black mold in the shower drain. We use the other quart spray bottle in the garage, primarily to wet paper towels that we use to wipe off our shoes before entering the house. I use the smaller spray bottles in various ways, including: - Spraying our clothes before leaving or reentering the house. - Spraying sink drains at least once daily. It retards mold growth, but doesn't prevent it. - Spraying the car interiors occasionally. I carry a bottle in my car regularly. - Spraying upholstered furniture occasionally. - Spraying sheets on the bed in between laundering. - Spraying carpet occasionally. - Spraying the carpet and furniture in hotel rooms when we travel.