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Here you can also access and download Dr. Dennis's Protocol Guide to Treating Fungal Sinusitis. At the bottom of this page, we have also included Dr. Dennis's full interview from the Toxic Mold Summit 2020!

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All products referenced in the Environmental and Body Treatment Protocols were originally created by Dr. Dennis for his highly sensitive mold patients and are now available from Micro Balance Health Products. Health practitioners and indoor environmental professionals who are interested in also offering the products to their patients may apply to become part of our Premier Provider Program. If you are interested in recommending or sharing our products on your professional blog, social media, or website, you can apply to our Affiliate Program.

"If you do a LITTLE of the protocol, you get a LITTLE better. If you do more, you get MORE results. When you do ALL of the protocol, you get A LOT better. Move at your own pace. Introduce steps in the protocol systematically and FEEL the difference in your health and energy levels." - Dr. Dennis

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Watch/listen to Dr. Dennis's interview with Dr. Neil Nathan as they discuss surgical and medical management of neurotoxicity and neurological symptoms via endoscopic sinus surgery and antifungal sinus irrigation.

Watch/listen to Dr. Dennis's interview with Dr. Margaret Christensen for the Toxic Mold Summit as they discuss Mycotoxicosis, indoor mold exposure, and fungal colonization of the sinuses.

Do you treat or have interest in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and how it is linked to mold exposure? Dr. Dennis also participated as a featured speaker in the Mastering Mast Cell Activation Summit. You can find our FREE Downloadable MCAS and Chronic Sinusitis PDF and his full video interview HERE.