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Candida-Yeast Overgrowth

Candida albicans is the full name of the yeast that can plague the system and cause many ill effects on the body. In small amounts, candida was thought to be helpful in the intestinal tract for protecting against typhoid fever. But, over time, the combination of the widespread use of antibiotics, nutrient-poor/sugar-rich diets, and exposure to environmental toxins have allowed candida to reproduce at a very rapid rate. It can inhabit not only the intestinal tract, but also the sinuses and respiratory passages as well.  

Symptoms include: 

• White tongue

• Reflux

• Yeast infection

• White patches on skin

• Acne

• Bad breath

• Skin rashes

• Armpit and groin itching

• Sugar cravings

• Body odor

• Brain fog

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