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CitriDrops Nasal Spray with Xylitol - Citrus seed extracts have been used for decades by healthcare professionals worldwide for their anti-fungal/antibacterial properties.
CitriDrops Nasal Spray

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CitriDrops Nasal Spray is a great stand-alone sinus treatment or on-the-go alternative to nasal rinsing. It can be used when allergy or sinus symptoms arise and/or mold exposure is suspected. It can also be used to extend antifungal and antibacterial protection throughout the day.

Improved Formula! Now with Xylitol!

If you have tried all kinds of nasal sprays and still have chronic sinus inflammation and congestion, you might be missing a critical ingredient: a proven antifungal/antibacterial ingredients. CitriDrops Nasal Spray is a homeopathic treatment that includes Xylitol to address mold, bacteria, pollen, and other irritants that are at the source of your sinus problems. This product is highly effective for people with mold allergies and is a key tool for clearing the nasal passages of fungal and bacterial pathogens that can create infection. Break the sinus infection cycle and feel good again!

CitriDrops Nasal Spray is a homeopathic, steroid-free, nasal spray designed to soothe and decongest your nasal passages to help you maintain clear, healthy sinuses. It is specifically designed to eliminate mold/fungus from your nasal passages as 96% of sinus infections are fungal in nature. The product comes in a glass bottle with a pump top and is safety sealed.

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Key Features and Benefits:

-Treats the fungal and bacterial cause of most chronic sinusitis

-Clears fungal allergens and bacterial invaders from nasal passages before they can reach and infect the sinuses

-Soothes and decongests nasal passages

-Reduces inflammation and swelling caused by molds, bacteria, pollen, and other irritants

-Homeopathic, non-habit forming, does not contain steroids, drugs, or chemicals, and will not interact with other medications or treatments

-Includes Xylitol* to address biofilms and yeast

-Safe for use by children

-Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

*In studies, Xylitol has been shown to eradicate gram-positive bacteria by not allowing it to adhere to the mucous membranes inside the nasal passages. It is also widely used for treating yeast and for its ability to break up biofilms, while not killing off beneficial, pathogen-fighting bacteria. Additionally, Xylitol has also been shown as a positive adjunct therapy for treating the flu. (Note: Xylitol is classified as a food, not a drug, so no claims can be made on its health benefits in products.)

Product Disclaimer


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0.18 LBS
0.18 LBS
Product Size:
Active Ingredients:
Ascorbicum Acidum 3x, Citrus Limonum 4x, Sinapis Nigra 4x, Pulsatilla 4x, Luffa Operculata 5x, Berberis Vulgaris 6x, Euphorbium Officinarum 6x, Guaiacum 8x, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 12x, Mercurius Sulphuratus Ruber 12x.
Inactive Ingredients:
Benzalkonium Chloride, Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Xylitol.
For adults: Use 1-3 sprays in each nostril 2-3 times per day when symptoms occur or are active. May be used once daily for sinus symptom maintenance. Children under 12 should consult a Health Professional before use. Non-habit forming. NOTE: This product is a recommended and proven part of the Body Treatment Protocol, developed by Dr. Don Dennis, for sufferers of Chronic Sinusitis or other mold-related disease.

26 Reviews CitriDrops Nasal Spray

5 out of 5 (26 reviews)
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  • lifesaver

    Posted by Elaine


    Was previously exposed to toxic mold and I've found that using this *regularly* (daily) helps SIGNIFICANTLY with my sinus and headache issues, especially on rainy days when my sinus issues tend to flare. We also use for our 2 children and I've noticed a huge difference in their stuffiness. Highly recommend.


    Posted by Diane S


    Wow this product is so good and has made my life easier. I have recommended to several people and they say the same thing. TRY IT TODAY!

  • Citridrops

    Posted by Apple S


    I am awaiting surgery for fungal sinusitis and was hoping this would help, it’s not helping but not hurting me either. It’s my last hope to get through my wait period so I continue to use even I’m not sure it actually works.

  • Could not live without

    Posted by Stephen


    I have used every night of my wife for five years. I used to wake up with cotton mouth and had snoring problems from clogged nasal passages. I am a customer for life.

  • no difference

    Posted by Linda


    I was really hoping for some relief from this, especially considering the price, but felt no difference

  • Citridtops

    Posted by Brenda Marshall MD


    This product has helped keep inflammation down in my sinuses due to smaller nasal passages that congest while I sleep. I use these drops in the am to keep overgrowth of abnormal organisms in my sinuses and it helps more than nasal steroids ...

  • great product bad wrapping

    Posted by elena angheloiu


    Product is very good but about half of bottle arrives at destination because cap is not screwed tied before wrapping it in foil . Please do something about screwing tight the cap before putting in foil

  • Citridrops

    Posted by Judy


    Just started taking this for Mold which was found in a lab test. My doctor recommeded so will see what happends.