Improve Your Allergy Symptom Relief with All-Natural Citridrops

Here’s why Standard Allergy Medicines aren’t enough to find relief:

MOLD is an Allergen AND a Pathogen

Mold is both an Allergen and a Pathogen. This means that a person can be both allergic to mold (allergy symptoms) AND/OR become infected with mold reproduction that feeds the mold via mucous production and inflammation in the sinuses, Fungal Sinusitis. Chronic Fungal Sinusitis occurs when the infection and inflammation lasts a long time (up to 12 weeks.)
Many of my patients accept the results from OTC antihistamines and steroids as the optimal relief they will get. When Mold is addressed directly as an allergen and pathogen, they are amazed with the results.



Oral Antihistamines
Allergens bind to Antibodies on Mast Cells
Mast Cells release histamine
Antihistamines block histamine receptor
Intranasal Steroids
Mast Cells produce more than histamine: release several pro-inflammatory mediators
Activated histamine causes swelling and inflammation in a variety of our body’s systems
Nasal delivery of glucocorticoid steroids block the synthesis and release of other pro-inflammatory mediators with limited side effects
All-Natural CitriDrops
Mold spores are inhaled into sinuses. This triggers inflammation and mucous production which fuels mold reproduction
Inflammation causes symptoms, and mold reproduces at rapid rates
Washing mucous and spores out the sinuses removes pathogens and mucous, allowing the body to heal without further inflammation
Fungi are among the most widely distributed organisms on Earth and are of great environmental and medical importance.
CitriDrops Nasal Spray
CitriDrops Nasal Spray can be used when sinus symptoms arise and/or mold exposure is suspected. A great on-the-go alternative to nasal rinsing.
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Early removal of mold from the nose can alleviate the cause of sinusitis and significantly shorten your treatment cycle. CitriDrops Nasal Spray includes antibacterial and antifungal citrus seed extracts designed to enter the nose and tackle mold and bacteria before it can enter the body to create inflammation and sickness. It will not interact with other medications, is non-addictive, drug free, chemical free, and is safe for children to use.
CitriDrops Dietary Supplement
This four citrus seed extract concentrate is designed to support the immune system and stave off Candida, sore throats and intestinal problems. Take it orally or add to saline nasal washes.
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When taken orally, CitriDrops Dietary Supplement is designed to aid the immune system by helping to manage fungus and bacteria in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract, and to alleviate fungal allergy symptoms when used in a saline nasal wash. A propriety blend of four citrus seed extracts challenges adaptation, making this product especially effective for fungus and bacteria. Safe for topical, intranasal, and oral use.
Breathe Easy Kit
The Breathe Easy Kit includes everything you need to flush mucus, mold, and debris from the nasal cavity and keep it away.
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Rinsing your nasal passages with saline is the first line of defense from allergens and debris entering the body through the nose. This kit includes a nasal irrigation system and two specially-formulated products containing citrus seed extracts, used for decades by healthcare professionals for their anti-fungal/antibacterial properties. For targeted mold protection, CitriDrops Dietary Supplement can be added to the rinse, and/or the CitriDrops Nasal Spray can be used.
If you are mold sensitive, a significant increase in allergy symptom relief is waiting.
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