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Cognitive-Psychological Issues-Mood Support

A brain exposed to toxic mold and mycotoxins is typically not a very happy or balanced brain. As a result, the spectrum of cognitive impairments and psychological symptoms that can arise during and after mold exposure can be extensive and can mimic mental health conditions that are already prevalent in our society. Thus, investigating whether or not an exposure to toxic contaminants, such as mold, should not be overlooked as the trigger or cause.

Cognitive/psychological symptoms of mold and/or mycotoxin exposure may include:

• Confusion

• Brain fog

• Trouble finding words

• Loss of concentration

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Irritability

• Insomnia

• Anger

Our carefully curated array of nutritional supplements are designed to support nervous system tissues, antioxidant activity, the gut-brain axis, cellular intregrity, the adrenals, and mitochandrial function. 

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