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Your Nose is a Fungal and Bacterial Entry Point. 

With each breath, you inhale allergens and pathogens that have the potential to ignite sickness and infection. Rinsing your nose with proven anti-microbials/antifungals and adding immune support is key for keeping your sinuses mold-free and healthy.

• Rinse mold and bacteria from your nasal passages 

• Prevent inflammation and infection in the sinuses 

• Boost your immune system 

• Teach your body to become more resilient to mold and other pathogens 

• Recover faster when you are exposed to mold

“Taking care of the air you breathe is 5x more important than any other treatment. If you are mold-sensitive, staying vigilant and keeping your sinuses clean is critical.”
– Dr. Don Dennis, MD FACS & Micro Balance Founder

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