Mold Enters The Body

Environmental Mold is everywhere. It is truly a year-round antigen and is the root cause of many allergic and inflammatory health symptoms. It enters the body and can begin to colonize through two main avenues:

1. The Nose: Mold spores are present in the air and can be inhaled in every breath. The average person breathes in 2,904 gallons/day of air. In a healthy environment with normal levels of mold, your body can maintain a general defense, filtering mold and other pathogens. But, when mold levels are elevated, your body’s defense capabilities are overwhelmed. Mold then gains a foothold in the body. The sinuses are a perfect, dark, moist, warm, breeding ground!

2. The Mouth and Digestive System: Fungus and bacteria are naturally-occurring organisms in the digestive tract, but problems arise when exposure, dietary sugar consumption, or a compromised immune system prevent the body from keeping fungal levels in check. Yeast and other pathogens can then take hold causing gastrointestinal issues, infections, and disease.

Immune System Overreacts to Pathogens

Mold Triggers an Inflammatory Immune Response

Toxic load describes the burden your body manages from everyday exposures, like air pollution, airborne pathogens (mold, bacteria, viruses), chemicals, and more. When a mold issue in your home or work becomes your toxic tipping point, your immune system can mount an inflammatory defense that spirals out of control, because the exposure is chronic and unrelenting. The chronic inflammation then throws critical body systems out of balance causing compromised immune function, oxidative stress, cognitive issues, and hormonal dysfunction.

As a result, health problems are exacerbated (like allergies and asthma) and autoimmune conditions arise. Unfortunately, if the mold exposure continues, so does the inflammation which leads to more symptoms and failing body systems, the causes of which are difficult to diagnose, especially when mold is not recognized as the compromising influence.

Immune Disruption Causes Illness and Disease

1. Chronic Sinusitis: Surgeries and antibiotics offer temporary relief, but symptoms return, because MOLD remains in the sinuses.

2. Fatigue and Body Pain: The overactive immune response causes fatigue and disables cellular repair and maintenance.

3. Gastrointestinal Issues and Food Intolerances: When fungus and yeast overgrow in the digestive tract, intestinal permeability occurs which results in food intolerances, impaired digestion and nutrient absorption, and increased susceptibility to foodborne illnesses.

4. Cognitive and Neurological Issues: When the brain becomes inflamed and trapped in a constant state of flight or fight, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and brain fog often occur.

5. Hormonal Imbalance: When the sinuses are colonized by mold inhaled from the indoor environment, toxins are secreted that can cross the blood-brain barrier affecting the pituitary gland causing the body to stop producing hormones vital for health and healing

Important Facts About Chronic Sinusitis & Mold-Triggered Illness:

93% of all chronic sinusitis has a mold component that is unresponsive to traditional antibacterial treatment.

There is no magic pill or surgery to cure chronic sinusitis. Unless you remove the antigen (mold), the sinusitis will reoccur.

Exposure to mold and mold components is well-known to trigger inflammation, allergies and asthma, oxidative stress, immune system dysfunction, and to aggravate or prolong healing to many chronic illnesses.

You CAN test negative for mold allergies and be sick from mold exposure. Mold toxicity from mycotoxins is NOT an allergic reaction. If you suspect mold, ask for an IgG test, instead of the common IgE or skin test.

It is possible to see significant, lasting improvement without prescription medicine or antibiotics! The key is to focus on mold, so that you are treating the cause of your sickness.

16-20% of the population have a genetic trait that causes their immune systems to OVEREACT to mold and its mycotoxins. Many of these people also have an impaired ability to naturally detoxify their bodies of mycotoxins.


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