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Cleaning and Mold Maintenance Promotes Healing

Regular and consistent mold maintenance (cleaning air, surfaces, clothing, and belongings) is essential for keeping your risk of exposure low and your symptoms manageable.

To maintain a low-mold environment, mist all surfaces, belongings, carpets, rugs, furnishings, etc. with EC3 Mold Spray or EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate mixed per bottle instructions. You can do this weekly or more often if mold counts are not going down. (Note: You can also use the EC3 Sanitizer Fogger to treat larger belongings or rooms.)


Monitor your indoor spaces with EC3 Mold Test Plates. If mold counts remain high, simply double the amount of EC3 sprayed until you achieve the results required for health. It is important to remember that using EC3 will only provide temporary relief if the water damage, leak, or cause of the high mold counts is not found and properly fixed. Also, if an item is covered with visible mold, it is always best to discard it. 

EC3 Air Purification Candles can also be used to lower mold levels in the indoor air.


Clothing and any washable items can be cleaned using EC3 Laundry Additive. Make sure to also use the Laundry Additive on sheets and bedding as sleep is crucial for recovery and your bed can be a large source of potential exposure.


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