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How EC3 Candles Can Help with Lowering Indoor Mold Counts

How EC3 Candles Can Help with Lowering Indoor Mold Counts

Jun 6th 2024

When you want to give your home a peaceful or  romantic ambiance, you know you can  light candles to  create the kind of atmosphere you want in your home. However, many people these days are also saying that candles can do other things for your home that you might not even consider: lowering  mold counts to improve indoor air quality.

But how can candles help with  reducing mold counts? There are ways that special, mold-reducing candles can prevent or lessen elevated levels of mold, while at the same time giving your home the ambiance you’ve always wanted. However, you have to know how to use them properly and which candles you can use.

The Signs of Mold in Your Home

First, you have to check if you have mold in your home, and how extensive the growth of the colonies really is. Additionally, there are different kinds of mold and reasons for growth, and these factors need to be considered before relying just on candles to mitigate the issue.

First, there will always be outdoor mold coming inside your home. This is not preventable and is a normal part of your indoor ecosystem. Normal levels of outdoor molds coming inside are not problematic usually. It is when the right factors are in place to cause the mold levels to elevate indoors when people can start to get sick.

If you live in an area where there is high humidity, you can be sure there will always be moisture particles in the air. Areas that have water, such as bathrooms, sinks, and kitchens, will also be more prone to mold growth.

Second, mold has to have a food source in order to take hold or to proliferate.. These food sources do not have to be food, but they could also be paper, wood, and any other organic material. Once these materials become moist and then exposed to warm and humid conditions, mold spores will find it an accommodating environment and levels of spores may start to rise.

Once you see signs of mold in your home, there is already an issue, and you need to assess how extensive the growth is and if it is only in  specific areas. Sometimes it can spread to your HVAC systems, and throughout your home.

What Candles Can Do

Once you know how extensive the growth is, you may need to fix a leak, humidity problem, or solve a structural issue first. Then you will need to clean by using a mold-targeted  solution and sometimes also a disinfectant. Cleaning the areas where mold is present is only the first step, as mold spores will not disappear when you remove the colonies. These spores are still in your indoor air, and they will grow again if you do not also employ fogging and proper air purification and filtration.

Often, you will also need to have your HVAC system professionally cleaned. Otherwise, your HVAC can be the ongoing source of mold spores circulating throughout your home..

Then you have to improve the air circulation in your home. This means you need to ventilate areas that may harbor mold spores, and ensure that fresh air circulates through. Use a fan or open doors and windows to do this. You may even need to use dehumidification if humidity issues arise indoors. You want the indoor humidity to remain below 50% for mold to not be an issue.

Finally, you can use mold reducing candles in small corners and rooms to prevent mild cases of mold growth. Their use can help keep mold counts down and can prevent the outdoor mold from becoming problematic indoors.

These candles are also not your ordinary ones that you can find in any store. These mold reducing candles often use special ingredients that can hinder mold growth. These include citrus seed extracts that are proven  to not only lower mold counts, but also mycotoxin levels in your indoor air.

Use Candles to Remove Mold Properly

The key to using mold reducing candles is to use them properly. If you use them alone, they would not remove the mold in your home. Active growth needs to be remediated for the mold counts to stay down since there is still a large colony somewhere that you have not removed.

These candles are designed to work in tandem with practices  and anti mold solutions, to  help control the level of mold spores in your indoor air. And mold spores will never go away, because they are present in the air.

Every time you go outside, and then bring back a bag of groceries, or take your pet out for a walk, you bring in spores and other bacteria that can grow into colonies in your home. If you clean regularly and also use candles to reduce the levels of spores in specific areas, then you are lowering the instance that a colony could grow in your home.

Candles Give Your a Home a Hygienic Ambiance

So do candles work in preventing mold growth in your home? The right answer is yes, if you know how to use them. Mold-reducing candles can give your home an ambiance of calm, but they can also give it a sense of purity and cleanliness.

Make lighting a candle a part of your healthy  home routine and visit Micro Balance Health Products to find candles that can improve your indoor air quality by reducing mold spore and mycotoxin levels in your home.