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EC3 Sanitizer Home Fogging Kit
EC3 Sanitizer Home Fogging Kit


This Home Fogging Kit includes all you need to:


  • Test your home (Test Plates)
  • Fog your home (Fogger 110v)
  • Fog with Mold Solution Concentrate
  • Test again after fogging

You will be amazed by this kit!  Don't take our word for it.  See the results of an independent laboratory test proving the efficacy of the EC3 Mold Solution products.  

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2 Reviews EC3 Sanitizer Home Fogging Kit

5 out of 5 (2 reviews)
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  • Fogging my house was amazing!

    Posted by Angie G


    After testing with mold plates, I realized I had a real problem. (Numerous mold colonies in basement, living room, bedroom. I asked a friend of mine to help me deal with it. He suggested EC3 mold solution and we rented a fogger from Home Depot. We first looked for moisture and leaks everywhere. My humidity was below 40%. I had to buy a dehumidifier for the basement that was around 70%. We swept and HEPA vacuumed the entire house (no dusting). After, we fogged EVERYTHING on all 4 levels (basement, 1st, 2nd,3rd, attic). After a while we then vacuumed everything in the living areas: Floors, rugs, furniture (removed cushions and used upholstery tool), curtains the living areas again. The results were amazing. Only a very few mold colonies on tests. Since then, I bought a Sani-tizer fogger and I fog once a week and test on occasion. My sinuses are much better and I sleep well. My house smells fresher and a gallon EC3 lasts a long time!

  • Single Best Healthcare Investment I ever made.

    Posted by Tom


    Buying the SANI+TIZER fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Spray is the single best healthcare investment I have made ever. I feel so much better!