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EC3 Air Purification Candle / 16 unit case
EC3 Air Purification Candle / 16 unit case

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EC3 Air Purification Candles (patented) are simple and effective tools for decreasing the level of mold spores and mycotoxins in the immediate air wherever you are.

Whether at home, work, or traveling, you can burn EC3 Candles to keep mold counts down to levels that will not negatively impact your health. As an EC3 Candle burns, the flame aerosolizes the all-natural, fragrance-free, botanical ingredients embedded in the soy wax. In 3 hours burn time, the candles can reduce mold counts by more than 90%. Additionally, independent lab tests confirmed that EC3 Candles can destroy airborne mycotoxins.

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New & Improved
5.40 LBS
Product Size:
3 OZ
Natural Soy Wax, Lead free wick, and a proprietary natural botanical blend.
No added fragrance, so as not to aggravate chemical sensitivities
Open candle and place on a flat surface inside of its lid, away from walls, and flammable items. Light both wicks for an even burn. It is advisable to allow the candle to burn for 3 hours to achieve optimal effects. Each candle has a burn life of approximately 16 hours. A general guideline for air purification is to use one candle per 600 square feet of indoor space.

2 Reviews EC3 Air Purification Candle / 16 unit case

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  • Good for travel and maintenance

    Posted by Chris


    These work really well to keep your home mold/mycotoxin levels low if you have already fixed moisture problems and cleaned up the house. They are good for cross contamination of everyday items and people coming in and out of the house. I am sensitive enough that I always have some on hand. I will always buy them if they continue to work. I like them best to take some of the anxiety out of traveling. If I feel unwell when I walk into a hotel room I ask to change rooms. I don't want to hope that the candle will fix it. But if I have hotel room that is tolerable, but not the greatest, then these will help a great deal. That little bit of added “flexibility” that the candles provide is well worth it.

  • New & Improved EC3 Air Purification Candle

    Posted by Kristi Davies


    These are single wicked, and, burn consistently all the way down. What I have noticed so far: Comparing the new candles with the old double-wick candles that had difficulty burning - the actual effectiveness against the odor/contamination in the room is slightly less with the new formula used in the currently sold candles. Now - that's not a deal breaker, just reporting my experience so far. I have much more than average contamination where I live - I have both active mold and dried mold - both producing toxic molecules into the air. Even though the formula used in the new candle appears to be a bit "weaker," the candle burns very well, and, it burns completely. I've burned 4 of the new candles and I've noticed it takes a good bit longer to back off the musky smells, and, the musky smell never totally leaves, but, the candles do help enough to make using them worthwhile.