Everything You Ever Want or Need to Know About Using and Maintaining Your EC3 Air Purification Candles:

We recognize that investing in products to treat an indoor environment for mold can be costly, so making sure each EC3 Air Purification Candle has a long burn time matters to us. With the magic of each candle being in its “juice” (our patented formulation of citrus seed extracts) embedded in the wax itself, we designed our candles with getting the most out of each burn in mind. Our candles are offered in either a soy wax or beeswax base, because neither wax medium requires exceedingly high heat to melt and both lasts much longer than other natural wax mediums. Both soy wax and beeswax also burn clean and produce very little soot. We also choose to use a tin vessel with a lid to conduct heat evenly around the flame with less hot spots and less risk of creating tunneling within the wax.

These are fantastic... I will not travel without them because most motel/hotel rooms are closed and the windows do not open. These candles clean the air and make it healthier.

- Rita

We had a mold issue that we found when replacing front and back doors. Once remediated, I use these candles consistently to keep the air fresher and cleaner. 

- Allison

These candles really make a big difference for me. They leave the air smelling fresher without any unpleasant odors and help clear my sinuses. Highly recommend.

- Susan

I have to admit I was skeptical about this one, but when we had a mold problem in our bathroom, these were a lifesaver! They do really eliminate the mold smell.


Part of getting the most out of your candle is treating it well. Here are our expert-approved tips:

1. If your EC3 Air Purification Candle is new, it's important to burn it for the suggested time (3 hours) the first time you light it. This allows enough burn time to properly heat and aerosolize the botanicals in the wax to bring the mold counts down in a 600 square foot room. (Note: Each candle is designed to treat 600 square feet of indoor space.)

2. Use a candle snuffer or the lid to extinguish the candle when you are done burning it. This prevents soot and excess smoke indoors.

3. Keep the lid on the candle between uses to protect the wax from dust or debris.

4. Use our wick trimmers to trim the wick BEFORE each use. Make sure to wait until the candle is completely cooled before trimming the wick.

5. Burn each candle for one hour every other day in affected rooms for mold maintenance. Candles may need to be burned more often for highly mold-sensitized people to achieve the optimal results.

The Necessity of Wick Trimming

Why Do You Need to Trim Your Wick?

The primary reason to keep wicks properly trimmed is to prevent sooting. Sooting is the black smoke you may have seen billowing off of a candle whose wick is too lengthy. A secondary reason to keep wicks trimmed is that a longer wick causes a candle to burn at a faster rate. We don’t want you burning through your EC3 Candles too quickly!

Directions for Wick Trimming:

Best Practice: Trim your EC3 Air Purification Candle wick back down to 1/4" before every burn, while the wax is solid and the candle is cooled.

1. Open the wick trimmer and place the rounded base almost flush with the surface of the candle.

2. Hold the candle wick trimmer at a 45-degree angle to ensure a proper wick length of 1/4 inch.

3. Bring the two handles together to close and trim the wick.

4. Discard the wick trimming before lighting.