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EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate
EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate

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Micro Balance EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is an all-natural botanical surfactant that removes mold spores, bacteria, and musty smells from hard and soft surfaces with no harmful chemicals and can be used to decrease the overall mold load in your indoor environments.  

This patented, non-toxic solution contains a proprietary blend of citrus seed extracts designed to control mold levels in your home where you suspect mold growth. Additionally, independent laboratory test confirms the efficacy of EC3 Mold Solution.  Spraying and misting EC3 Mold Solution are ways to remove mold spores and bacteria that naturally float in the air and land on all surfaces including hard surfaces like counter tops, furniture and floors, and soft surfaces like drapes, furniture, and carpets.  It is most effective when followed by HEPA vacuuming to physically remove debris.    

Control musty smells on non-washable textiles and furniture.  EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is safe for use on all materials, surfaces, and fabrics and is safe to be used around children and pets.  It does not contain harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.  

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate should be diluted per package instructions and used in a spray bottle, mister, or fogger to treat larger areas.  

We recognize using potent chemicals like bleach will eliminate mold and mildew discoloration with initial contact; however, bleach does not penetrate porous materials.  Bleach removes mold on the surface but its water base penetrates porous materials and actually continues to feed the mold.  The hyphae (roots) will eventually grow back.  To treat discolored grout or tile, it is recommended to use EC3 Mold Solution Spray with some form of scrubbing or high-pressure spray or steam for best results. 

Using EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate regularly is a vital part of the Environmental Treatment Protocol developed by Dr. Don Dennis, board certified Ear, Nose and Throat MD FACS to reduce mold counts indoors.  Read independent Laboratory report on EC3 products effectiveness.  

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1.16 LBS
Product Size:
16 FL OZ. Concentrate
Active Ingredients:
Proprietary natural botanical blend of citrus seed extracts.
Inactive Ingredients:
Distilled water, Vegetable glycerin
Directions: Spraying, misting, or fogging EC3 Mold Solution are effective ways to remove mold spores and bacteria that naturally float in the air and land on all surfaces. When used regularly, this product can keep indoor mold counts down to acceptable levels. EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate can be used after diluting in a spray bottle, mister or fogger to treat larger areas. Using EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate regularly is a vital part of the Environmental Treatment Protocol developed by Dr. Don Dennis, board certified Ear, Nose and Throat MD FACS.

12 Reviews EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate

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  • ec3 Fogger Solution Helps !

    Posted by Dana


    This is a huge piece to the puzzle of helping controlling mold allergies. I breathe better immediately after fogging with this product. If you are suffering from mold in your home, this is a must!

  • EC3 Concentrate

    Posted by Karen


    Ever since we moved to this house 3 years ago, my son has been ticcing. He was diagnosed with Tourette’s last month. Several nutritionists recommended a first and lifestyle change. Someone mentioned mold.. in fact I kept hearing it might be mold. A friend recommended your product, and I fogged my house 2 days ago and my son’ hasn’t been ticcing since! The mold must be the root cause! I am blown away!

  • mold candles

    Posted by Deanna


    I've been using the mold candles for several months now and can really notice a difference in how I feel after using them. They without a doubt help to clean the air of mold and mycotoxins. What's great about them too is you can take them with you when you travel! They are compact and can reduce the mold spores in ANY space. They're awesome and I highly recommend.

  • Mold Solution Concentrate

    Posted by Debbie


    I've had mold toxicity for over 2 years and had trouble finding the source. I didn't think my new house could be the problem, so kept putting off testing. I found out about Micro Balance Health Products when watch a mold toxicity summit online. So decided to test the house using the mold testing petrie dishes in each room. It showed significant mold in my living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. These were the main living areas of my house. I ordered the fogging machine and a bottle of the mold solution concentrate and spayed the entire house. After a couple days, I retested the 4 rooms with the petrie dishes again. Wow!!! It worked!! No more mold. I'm totally sold and will continue using this product periodicaly to keep my house healthy.

  • It works!

    Posted by Niki


    I use this to dust my house with. It contains no chemicals or fragrances. I use it in my car to decontaminate it from time to time, as well as our furniture and other things that are not easily washed. I love this stuff and I am so thankful that ec3 products really work!

  • I had given this product a negative review. I apologize. It was my own ignorance. I didn't properly mix the concentrate and water. Make sure u follow directions! It does work!

    Posted by Anna


    A little pricey for me but it does work!

  • Have used for years. Wonderful natural product.

    Posted by Carla


    I cannot say enough about all the ways I use this product. I mix a gallon at a time and use to spray the house, my air conditioning system in car, clean furniture or other items and spray in washer after every load. Highly reccommend.

  • Fogging my house was amazing!

    Posted by Angie G


    After testing with mold plates, I realized I had a real problem. (Numerous mold colonies in basement, living room, bedroom. I asked a friend of mine to help me deal with it. He suggested EC3 mold solution and we rented a fogger from Home Depot. We first looked for moisture and leaks everywhere. My humidity was below 40%. I had to buy a dehumidifier for the basement that was around 70%. We swept and HEPA vacuumed the entire house (no dusting). After, we fogged EVERYTHING on all 4 levels (basement, 1st, 2nd,3rd, attic). After a while we then vacuumed everything in the living areas: Floors, rugs, furniture (removed cushions and used upholstery tool), curtains the living areas again. The results were amazing. Only a very few mold colonies on tests. Since then, I bought a Sani-tizer fogger and I fog once a week and test on occasion. My sinuses are much better and I sleep well. My house smells fresher and a gallon EC3 lasts a long time!