Chronic Rhino Sinusitis (CRS) Management - Video 1

This video is an overview of why mold hygiene works. Learn about the break through that is changing medical orthodoxy on this super antigen.

Sinusitis Immune Mechanism with Clinical Example - Video 2

This video demonstrates the biology behind a fungal allergy and its hyper inflammation response. It also details the relationship between the super antigen and chemical sensitivities.

Air Quality Definition, Management Methods & Clinical Examples - Video 3

This video covers how air quality improves the treatment and recovery process of mold disease. See clinical examples of treatment at work.

Get Mold Off the Table First- Saving Time , Money, & Duration& Severity of Illness - Video 4

Learn how taking mold of the table early improves treatment outcomes and reduce costs. See case study's of how to qualify a patient as fungal allergic.

Candida Illness Mechanism & Treatment with Clinical Examples - Video 5

Learn how Candida is related to systemic inflammation and how to control an overgrowth. Video includes diet recommendations for fungal allergy sufferers.