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Nasopure Starter Kit / 12 unit case
Nasopure Starter Kit / 12 unit case

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The Nasopure Nasal Wash System includes pre-mixed saline packets and an easy-to-use, patented, curved designed  bottle to gently cleanse mold, debris and bacteria from the nose before it makes you sick.  Patients are able to control the flow and pressure of the solution targeting the bottom of the sinuses to create a vacuum effect to remove mucous and debris.

Cleansing the nasal passages is likely the single most effective way to prevent and combat allergy symptoms and sinusitis before symptoms start. This kit provides an ergonomically designed bottle to prevent pushing water into the inner ear, and pre-mixed packets to make it easy to formulate a balanced saline solution that soothes and does not sting. CitriDrops Dietary Supplement may be added to target mold and bacteria that enter the nose causing sickness and inflammation. (CitriDrops sold separately.)


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3.90 LBS
Kit Contains:
1 - 8 oz. Nasopure bottle for a single user and 20 - Pre-measured saline packs and detailed instructions
Add one pre-mixed saline packet to clean, empty bottle. Fill bottle to indicated line with distilled or purified water. Shake vigorously to mix the solution. Insert tip into one nostril and gently squeeze bottle. Allow the saline to flow in one nostril and out of the other while breathing normally. To add an antibacterial, antifungal component, add 1 drop of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement to bottle when mixing your saline solution. NOTES: * For a Hypertonic (stronger) Solution - Use 2 saline packets per bottle. * For an Isotonic (milder) Solution – Use 1/2 saline packet per bottle.