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Providing the best products for Mold Sufferers

Citrus seed extracts have been used for decades by healthcare professionals worldwide for their anti-fungal/antibacterials properties.
CitriDrops Nasal Spray


CitriDrops Nasal Spray can be used when sinus symptoms arise and/or mold exposure is suspected. A great on-the-go alternative to nasal rinsing.

Early removal of mold from the nose can alleviate the cause of sinusitis and significantly shorten your treatment cycle. CitriDrops Nasal Spray includes antibacterial and antifungal citrus seed extracts designed to enter the nose and tackle mold and bacteria before it can enter the body to create inflammation and sickness. It will not interact with other medications, is non-addictive, drug free, chemical free, and is safe for children to use.

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0.18 LBS
Product Size:
Active Ingredients:
Ascorbic Acid 2x, Citrus Limonum 4x, Sinapis Nigra 4x, Pulsatilla 4x, Luffa Operculata 4x, Berberis Vulgaris 6x, Euphorbium Officinarum 6x, Gualacum 8x, Mercurius Sulphuratus Ruber 12x, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 12x
Inactive Ingredients:
Benzalkonium Chloride, Purified Water, Sodium Cloride
Use 2 to 3 sprays in each nostril, 2 - 3 times a day to alleviate sinus symptoms. NOTE: This product is a recommended and proven part of the Body Treatment Protocol, developed by Dr. Don Dennis, for sufferers of Chronic Sinusitis or other mold related disease.

17 Reviews CitriDrops Nasal Spray

5 out of 5 (17 reviews)
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  • This Stuff Works

    Posted by Lionel Thomas


    This stuff works. I have suffered for years with chronic sinus problems. Nothing I have tried has cleared up my post nasal drip. In just 3 weeks of using the nasal wash, CitriDrops Nasal Spray, and now Sinus Defense I am 50 to 60% better and can sleep at night.

  • Love the concept but...

    Posted by Sharon Giudice


    I am a big fan of Micro Balance Products in general, but I wish Citridrops did not contain benzalkonium chloride as their preservative. According to the EWG it is a sensitizer especially dangerous for people with asthma or skin conditions such as eczema and can lead to resistant bacteria.

  • Almost as effective as the prescription medication

    Posted by Mike Wood


    I use this spray twice daily in each nostril when I am not using a prescription medication. At times, I have used it once daily in addition to a prescription medication. I find this product almost as effective as the prescription medication I use.

  • Helpful but doesn't work as well as Citridrops

    Posted by Cindy C


    I used this for about 6 months but didn’t get the relief that I needed from it. I no longer use it on a regular basis but find that it’s helpful to have in my purse to just use when I’m exposed to a bad environment until I can get home to nebulize and do other treatments.

  • I've had no illnesses

    Posted by Michael Parsons


    As someone who has been very susceptible to every bug my child brings home from daycare, I can proudly say that since using Citri Drops and Sinus Defense, I've had no illnesses; while others in my home have experienced significant colds, sinusitis and even strep.

  • Definately Helps!

    Posted by David


    I have been using the Nasal Spray for 2 years and it has help me tremendously. Whenever I feel a tingling in my nose or throat I will quirt a few sprays in my nose.

  • I recommend!

    Posted by Peggy Johnson


    CitriDrops has kept me well and free from sinus problems! I had sinus/nasal surgery due to an infection that became life threatening. The surgery helped short term but I wanted to make sure I would NEVER be required to have another surgery for my sinuses. I use the Citridrops Nasal Spray after my nasal wash daily and keep it in my purse for use anytime I find myself in an unexpected environment not good for my sinuses. By doing this, I have remained healthy and it is rare that I even catch a cold.

  • Nasal Spray product review

    Posted by George Petrek


    I used your CitriDrops Nasal Spray when I got sick with sever head and chest infection lasting three months. I saw you on "know the Cause" and ordered the Nasal Spray. Spraying everyday for a couple weeks cleared my upper sinusitis compleatly. I never had this. This condition has lasted about a year after running out of the Nasal Spray. I say try anti-fungals first.