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Sinus Defense Deep Dive

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Sinus Defense: An Oral Spray for Hacking the Immune Response to Mold 

The underlying problem in any sickness is that the body does not know how to process the antigen out—dust, pollen, dander, virus, bacteria, and MOLD. When the body gets stuck in reaction mode and cannot properly rid itself of the antigen, chronic inflammation creates myriad symptoms and can lead to total-body sickness. Fungal antigens are particularly difficult, because mold is everywhere and environmental triggers are often hard to pinpoint and escape. Mold is the "master antigen" and increases existing sensitivities and can cause new allergies to develop.

How Do I Take It?

Sinus Defense is a homeopathic oral spray designed to instruct your immune system to recognize and eliminate the antigen or trigger (mold, bacteria, virus) quickly and efficiently. An oral delivery system allows Sinus Defense to get into your system quickly and easily since many mold patients also experience malabsorption issues. It can be used up to three times a day, and dosage can be easily altered and controlled to fit your symptoms and sensitivities.

How Does it Work?

Sinus Defense contains Transfer Factors, which are small, immune signaling peptides or proteins that have the unique effect of modulating the immune system. Basically, these immune signaling molecules tell the body to turn on the correct signals when the body comes under attack from disease-causing agents, and then to dampen the signals when the danger is eliminated or neutralized. In effect, Sinus Defense helps the body reclaim the proper immune response that has become overactive and damaging when exposures occur. Studies on Transfer Factor use for many chronic infections and viruses, like HIV and herpes, show that when used over time, the signaling molecules teach the body to elicit a better immune response against all threats. That is why prolonged and repeated use induces the quicker and better outcomes.

Transfer Factors teach your immune system to recognize, understand how to fight, and remove the antigen. Transfer Factor acts just like an antibody, so its effects can be felt immediately and it also helps the body make its own antibodies later. (For reference, immunotherapy takes 6-8 weeks to have the body make antibodies.) Sinus Defense contains multiple transfer factors to a wide variety of pathogens, whereas allergy shots and immunotherapy are usually multiple antigens that require 6-8 weeks to make the antibody. Because Sinus Defense turns on cell-mediated immunity, the Transfer Factor molecules bind to the surface of the pathogen so that it is tagged for the macrophages (“big eaters” that eat up pathogens). By removing the pathogen, the downstream symptoms do not occur, because the CAUSE of the inflammation is no longer present.

To help better describe the mechanism and thought process behind Sinus Defense, Dr. Donald Dennis, MD, FACS, explains the creation of the homeopathic product over 20 years to help his own patients:

“In chronic sinusitis it was shown by the Mayo clinic study in 1999 that 93% of chronic sinusitis is caused by an immune reaction to mold that causes a reaction in the sinus mucosa. When the immune reaction occurs, eosinophils (white blood cells) migrate into the sinus mucosa, releasing major basic protein that causes cilia damage and microscopic pits in the sinus lining. The pits then trap mucous and the bacteria multiply and cause recurrent sinus infections. Many people with chronic sinusitis were not getting well, because they were not addressing fungus. I needed a molecule that would attach to the mold and remove it from the mucosa to prevent the reaction. We found that Transfer Factor removed enough fungus so that the white blood cells did not bind to it, and inflammation was markedly reduced. (But, the environmental air must also be addressed, because the volume of air you breathe each day exceeds 2,500 gallons!) Transfer Factor works the same for all the antigens that happen to have proteins that bind to them. This makes Transfer Factor effective for a multitude of common pathogens by just increasing the dose.”

endoscopic fungal sinusitis cured with sinus defense.png

Sinus Defense is revolutionary because it “teaches” the body to rid itself of fungal and environmental antigens, so that healing can begin and the immune system can grow more resilient to subsequent exposures. Those who formally were very sick or who could not tolerate even the smallest exposure are now able to use Sinus Defense and live their lives. First released in November of 2012, the product continues to amaze users with its efficacy and speed in alleviating mold-triggered symptoms.


Increase the Effectiveness of Sinus Defense withBetaMax!

You can accelerate the elimination of mold by 300% by taking BetaMax along with Sinus Defense. BetaMax, a Beta-1, 3-D glucan, increases the number of circulating macrophages (white blood cells) to remove the antigen (mold, bacteria, virus, etc.) once the transfer factor attaches to it and marks it for destructionThis creates a larger compound that is easier for the body to eliminate. In essence, BetaMax pumps up your macrophage levels--the garbage collectors of the body. When used together, Sinus Defense and BetaMax enable immune cells to be alert and mobilized, in an entirely naturally activated sequence. The result is an amplified, highly-effective immune system response.


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