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Posted By: Lorre R.
"Several years ago I left a mold environment which damaged my pituitary and impacted my ability to retain fluids. My research led me to Celltropin. I have used it 3x/day for several years to rebalance and heal. I respond well to homeopathics and this is an excellent product for people recovering from toxic mold exposure."
Sinus Defense
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Posted By: Cindy

"Sinus Defense, formulated by Dr. Donald Dennis, ENT is unlike any product I’ve seen. It’s formulated to address the immune system especially for mold patients like myself. I use it regularly for immune support and to relieve sinus congestion."

EC3 Laundry Additive
star star star star star
Posted By: Marissa
"This laundry additive is AMAZING. As someone with mold sensitivity, it is a must have in my house. I also struggle with chemical sensitivity. The removes the smells while allowing the clothes to smell clean. The bottle is very large and lasts a long time. Definitely recommend."
EC3 Air Purification Candle/3-Pack
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Posted By: allison
"These candles really make a big difference for me. They leave the air smelling fresher without any unpleasant odors and help clear my sinuses. Highly recommend"
Breathe Easy Kit
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Posted By: Joshua
"I have mold illness, sinus issues and crazy allergies and ever since I have been using this kit I have been getting tremendous relief. Thank you so much for these wonderful products."
Microflora Balance
star star star star star
Posted By: Anonymous

"Finally probiotics that help me fight mold rather than feed it! What a help!"

Beta Glucans
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Posted By: Amanda
"I recently was re-exposed to black mold. I started taking the Beta Glucans and after 3 weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels."
CitriDrops Nasal Spray
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Posted By: Ruth Nichols
"The best nose spray I've ever used. I lost my sense of smell and CitriDrops nose spray actually gives me the ability to smell things again. I just ordered 2 more bottles."
EC3 Mold Solution Spray
star star star star star
Posted By: Jessica Benjamin
"I used this product to clean everything we own when we found out there was mold. It felt so good to be able to use a product that is not toxic and works so well."
EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit - 6 Pack
star star star star star
Posted By: Rachel
"We moved into a new house rental, and I immediately tested a room that was suspicious. Sure enough, it tested positive for mold, so I decided against having one of my kids in that room. I have nearly used the whole pack, and will be buying more."
CitriDrops Dietary Supplement
star star star star star
Posted By: Michelle
"I love how CitriDrops keeps my sinuses open, and when added to a sinus rinse, helps rinse out mold from when working outside. Viruses will start growing in the nose/throat area, so I love to do a sinus rinse after shopping (plus a gargle)."
EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate
star star star star star
Posted By: Naomi
"So glad I got several bottles of these to use with the EC3 fogger, we used the test plates & successfully brought mold counts down to a safe level at our home.A little goes a long way,it doesn't leave an oily residue,although there is a light difference to the floor after fogging which we do every week if necessary.The price is also right in comparison to their competitor.Will be buying more!"
Candida Rid
star star star star star
Posted By: Kalea
"I love the ingredients in this product! I know it has helped get rid of my candida issues."
Complete Thymic Formula 120 Ct
star star star star star
Posted By: Elizabeth

"Diagnosed with an immune deficiency I was looking for a vitamin to provide nutrients to my immune system. I shared with my doctor the product bottle and mentioned this was very helpful in providing nutrients to my immune system. It works and when I run and supplement with a different vitamin I can tell the difference."

Nasopure Nasal Wash System Starter Kit
star star star star star
Posted By: Kaley
"Very easy to use. I was intimidated to try due to lifelong sinus issues and surgeries, but it works well without any discomfort, pain or irrritation. It feels to good to know I am washing my sinuses clear from mold and allergens with the saline solution!"