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To Detox Your Body From Mold Exposure, You NEED the Right Exit Strategy.

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The Liver Health & Detox Trio



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In today's world, detoxification should be part of a healthy lifestyle, not a one-time event; this is especially true when mold has entered the picture. But, we believe in an exit strategy that won't cause a scene or increased stress on the body. Our Liver Health & Detox Trio combines L-Glutathione to help restore and rebuild the antioxidant system with MycoDetox Liver Support to promote the cleansing mechanism of the liver and N-Acetyl Cysteine to enhance respiratory repair, immune health, and to soothe the inflammatory response that causes the body to accumulate toxins in cells and tissues in the first place. Ours is a gentler approach: protect, support, release, and cleanse. This is a "detox" you can live with.

We've Put Together This Detox Trio to Get Things Moving in the Right Direction.

Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body and is heavily concentrated in tissues such as the liver, spleen, and heart. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in immune function, detoxification capacity and protection against oxidative stress.

Glutathione has been termed “the master antioxidant” because of its ability to quench free radicals and protect cells from damage. It has long been thought that humans were unable to utilize supplemental glutathione, but recent research proves otherwise. Setria®, a unique tri-peptide form of glutathione, contained in our L-Glutathione, has a molecular structure that effectively increases glutathione blood levels when taken orally. L-Glutathione is backed by a recently published human clinical trial that shows significant uptake of this critical nutrient. The L-Glutathione formulation is preformed, reduced glutathione (GSH) and provides a 250 mg dose in a one-capsule serving. READ MORE

The specialized blend of nutrients in MycoDetox Liver Support aid in Phase I and II liver detoxification and boost liver health. Each capsule includes silymarin (milk thistle seed extract), artichoke leaf extract, turmeric root extract, methionine, choline, inositol, garlic and dandelion root extract.

The human body is exposed to a wide variety of toxins every day. The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ and provides enzyme systems designed to safely process and remove toxins. These detoxification systems are very complex and require a variety of nutrients for optimal function. MycoDetox Liver Support’s blend of botanicals and plant extracts contain phytonutrients, antioxidants and other compounds that naturally protect plants from environmental challenges including exposure to radiation, toxins and other agents. In humans, these biologically active compounds have been shown to increase cellular defenses, up-regulate liver detoxification pathways and protect DNA from further damage. READ MORE

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is an amino acid that boosts antioxidant function and is a source of the conditionally essential amino acid L-cysteine. It has also been found to raise glutathione levels in the body. Maintaining adequate glutathione levels is important to maintaining the health of the respiratory, hepatic, and immune systems. NAC is also important in supporting antioxidant protection of fats and proteins and supporting the normal response to inflammation.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is an amino acid that boosts antioxidant function and is commonly used as an agent to help clear sinus and airway congestion caused by mucus overproduction. NAC is a source of the conditionally essential amino acid L-cysteine and is a precursor to the tripeptide glutathione, an essential intracellular antioxidant, and therefore supports antioxidant and cellular detoxification pathways in the body. In addition, a growing body of research also highlights the role of NAC in supporting neuropsychiatric health. Each capsule provides 500 mg of this versatile amino acid. READ MORE