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SD - July 2020 - Moldy Update

Providing the best products for Mold Sufferers


Defending Your Body From Mold Starts With

Sinus Defense


ENT-Designed Homeopathic Immune Support Against Mold, Indoor Allergens, Viruses, and Bacteria


30-day or more supply in each bottle

Optimize Your Immune System's Response to Mold by:

  • Reducing allergic reactions, sinus congestion, and inflammation
  • Building cellular resilience to exposures
  • And Helping to rid the body of harmful invaders.
  • Safe for use with other Rx medications or supplements!
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When Mold Enters the Picture,


Sinus Defense contains Transfer Factor molecules that signal your immune system to launch an immediate, efficient response when fungus, mold toxins, and pathogens invade.

When the threat is eliminated, the response dampens and macrophages or the “big eaters” of the immune system clean up the debris. This helps a mold-damaged body to finally gain a foothold towards wellness. With continued use, Sinus Defense molecules teach immune cells to fight mold the SMART way, not the HARD way.

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Live your best life by teaching your immune system to disrupt the cycle of sickness.


Traditionally, your immune system learns to respond to invading pathogens once they trigger your body’s alert system and begin causing sickness. For mold suffers, the immune system often gets stuck, and instead of “learning” continues to react creating inflammation and whole-body symptoms.


Sinus Defense steps in to cut the learning curve by instructing your immune system how and what to take action against (mold) immediately. With Sinus Defense molecules to help, the immune response is more targeted, efficient, and helpful to the body.

““After about 2 weeks of daily use, I noticed that my sinuses were feeling normal -- meaning, I no longer "noticed" my sinuses at all. My energy has also been steadily increasing as well, and my overall sensitivity to mold and dust in my environment is decreasing at a much faster pace than ever before. I believe that this product was the game changer I needed to get my body to attack the residual infection I probably had in the deep recesses of my sinus cavities. Once that began to heal, I believe the rest of my body began to heal completely. I highly recommend this product!””


Like an antibody, only faster.

Sinus Defense stimulates your immune system to recognize and tag foreign pathogens quickly, before illness takes root. With regular use, your immune system knows what to watch for and attacks pathogens the smart way, not the hard way.


When you spray Sinus Defense under your tongue, it enters the bloodstream and begins transferring critical immunity knowledge to your T-Cells.


As your T-Cells “learn” what to look for, they identify invading pathogens much more quickly.


Armed with new immunity knowledge about invading pathogens, your T-Cells tag pathogens for removal BEFORE the sickness sets in.


Marked for destruction, macrophages (your white blood cells that “eat up” pathogens and debris), swoop in to do the work of eliminating the invaders more effectively.

Tackle Your Immune RESPONSE to Mold to Give Your Body the Best Chance Possible to Heal

Your immune system is not bulletproof. Mold exposure, stress hormones, and our toxic world can wear it down and cause it to be less effective when pathogens attack.

A Smarter Immune System Doesn’t Have To Work As Hard

Mold is everywhere. When you are mold-sensitive, but also can’t live in a bubble, a smarter, stronger, and faster-acting method of protection is a necessity,

Feeling protected everywhere you go

Sinus Defense teams up with your immune system instantly. You can use it anytime you feel you have been exposed. Right then and there, you can boost your chances of fighting off any potential reactions and sickness.

Prepare for the invasion before the battle starts

The age-old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," should be at the core of your wellness and recovery strategy. Prepare BEFORE you are exposed by teaching your immune system what to watch out for.

When there is a an exposure or a health setback, give your immune system the tools it needs to find the fastest path to recovery.


What is Transfer Factor?

“The immune-system advancing ingredient in Sinus Defense is Transfer Factor. Transfer Factor is a molecule that acts like an antibody but is smaller. It gets its name because it ‘transfers’ cell-mediated immunity directly to white blood cells.

Transfer Factor molecules are able to impart immunity to specific, targeted pathogens and have been used successfully to enhance the immune response or as primary therapy for a number of viral, parasitic, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Transfer Factor molecules also seem to have a ‘black box’ effect because as the immune system gets better and more robust, this promotes cell-mediated immunity to new pathogens that may enter the body. It is as if learning how to defend against one pathogen lessens the learning curve with new ones. This is what gives Sinus Defense preventative potential."

Dr. Don Dennis, MD
Board-Certified ENT and Creator of Sinus Defense

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The Research...

"Transfer Factors are not only useful for disease prevention but can also help with diseases already established due to inadequate immune response. Since Transfer Factors-producing T-lymphocytes are important in immune recognition and memory, impairment of Transfer Factors production could neutralize the rest of the immune response in otherwise healthy individuals."
Greg B. Wilson, Ph.D. and James B. Daily, Jr., Ph.D.

Listen To Mother Nature,
The Ultimate Teacher

When you stop and look around, you see tried and true lessons of nature everywhere! Mother Nature is always reminding us and often teaching us how to live our best lives.

Transfer Factor is Mother Nature’s creation for transferring immune knowledge from parent to child. This is one of her most valuable lessons.

Sinus Defense captures Mother Nature's teachings in a bottle.


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