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Transfer Factor Powered Immune Boosting Homeopathic Spray
Sinus Defense

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Sinus Defense is a breakthrough homeopathic formula created by Dr. Don Dennis, MD FACS, to boost immune system intelligence for a broad array of molds, allergens, and viruses. Sinus Defense helps to teach the immune system how to identify, bind to, and eliminate pathogens, so that it can react faster and more efficiently.   

Sinus Defense’s sublingual delivery method allows rapid absorption into the bloodstream of Transfer Factors, small immune messenger molecules programmed to immediately identify and bind to pathogen-infected cells (mold, bacteria, virus).  Once marked, your immune system easily learns which infected cells to attack and destroy.   

Because Sinus Defense contains molecules that impart immune-system information directly to your cells, the response to pathogens is boosted without the heightened inflammation that often results from exposure to mold, environmental toxins, and viruses.    


  • Promotes immune intelligence
  • Boosts & strengthens your immune system
  • Supports cellular resilience and health
  • Helps rid the body of harmful invaders
  • Reduces allergic response to molds and common allergens
  • Reduces sinus inflammation and congestion
  • Safe for use with other Rx medications or supplements

30-day or more supply in each bottle
(depending on dosage and frequency of use)

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0.27 LBS
Product Size:
Active Ingredients:
Lac Vaccinum 3x, 6x, 30x, 60x, 200x, Silicea 5x
Inactive Ingredients:
Alcohol USP 20%, Purified Water.
Directions for Use: Adults: For nasal symptoms apply 3-9 sprays under tongue, 2-3 times daily. Use 9 sprays under tongue, 3 times daily when symptoms increase or additional immune support is needed. For sore throat, open mouth and apply 3-9 sprays directly on sore throat, 2-3 times daily. Adjust number of sprays and applications as needed. For example, if you know you have had a mold exposure, increase dosage or frequency of use. Consult a physician for use in children under 12 years of age. Do not take within 15 minutes of consuming food or brushing teeth. One bottle lasts for 6-8 weeks depending on number of sprays used. NOTE: Sinus Defense does not require physician allergy testing prior to use. It can be used in conjunction with allergy shots or immunotherapy.

8 Reviews Sinus Defense

5 out of 5 (8 reviews)
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  • Love this product. Also dries shingles out after a few squirts. Have been using it for yea in

    Posted by Vivian Baldwin


    Highly recommend it to anyone with chronic or acute sin


    Posted by Sterling


    I am still awaiting confirmation that I indeed have a mold issue either in my home or (eck) in my NOSE. That being said this product made a difference from the FIRST time I took it. Unsure yet if it is simply marking bacteria or killing mold or both but I don't care. It works.

  • Sinus Defense

    Posted by Elizabeth Fetherston


    Serious solution for sinus problems. Extra stuff in the air today, took the recommended dosage and watched my drainage disappear. It really works. Others at work I have shared it with now use it as well.

  • I knew I was in trouble....

    Posted by DR RSA


    I went fishing a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania to a B and B that I always frequent. I’ve been going there for about a dozen years and know that they’ve had flooding problems; the creek they rest on occasionally floods. When I entered the lodge I noticed a subtle but distinct moldy odor. I knew I was in trouble because I was staying for two nights. Within an hour or so my sinuses began to fill up and my sneezes began. By the next morning I was miserable. I had been using Sinus Defense for about three months and had great success with it. I decided to double my dosage from three sprays, three times daily, to six sprays each time. Within a few hours my symptoms abated. I decided to wait a few weeks before sharing my experience to make sure that I had no residual effect from the mold exposure, which I didn’t. I highly recommend this product and believe all mold sufferers will greatly benefit from it. Dr. RSA

  • Blood Test Proof

    Posted by Richard Appel


    I have monitored the antibody reaction to mold for years through IgG blood tests. I have tried all kinds of remedies to help with my fungal allergy reaction. The only thing that I have ever used that has reduced all 5 IgG levels is Sinus Dense. It is now apart of my daily routine and I feel so much better.

  • I've had no illnesses

    Posted by Michael Parsons


    As someone who has been very susceptible to every bug my child brings home from daycare, I can proudly say that since using Citri Drops and Sinus Defense, I've had no illnesses; while others in my home have experienced significant colds, sinusitis and even strep.

  • I think its working

    Posted by Cindy Canoy


    I have used this for almost a year and still use it 2X a day with 9 sprays each time. I don’t necessarily see immediate results but I hope it’s making a difference in my immune system. I wish it were not so expensive.

  • I am 50 to 60% better and can sleep at night

    Posted by Lionel Thomas


    This stuff works. I have suffered for years with chronic sinus problems. Nothing I have tried has cleared up my post nasal drip. In just 3 weeks of using the nasal wash, CitriDrops Nasal Spray, and now Sinus Defense I am 50 to 60% better and can sleep at night.