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Chronic Sinusitis? Is the mold the cause?

Providing the best products for Mold Sufferers



Year-round nuisance and burden? Never get completely better? Countless Doctor appointments and rounds of antibiotics? Investigating Mold as the root cause provides a different perspective.

96% of Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers in Mayo Clinic Study tested positive for FUNGAL INFECTIONS

Mayo Clinic. "Mayo Clinic Study Implicates Fungus As Cause Of Chronic Sinusitis." ScienceDaily, September 10, 1999.

It is time to take control.


As an ENT, my goal is to help your chronic sinusitis get better by any means at our disposal. Information and insights about the environment and the air you breathe at home can be very difficult to understand from the Doctor's office. Therefore, any additional information you can provide can be key to getting the right diagnosis in the shortest amount of time.
- Dr. Donald Dennis, MD FACS

Start Here: Ask the Right Questions.

The most important question that is so often overlooked could be the most impactful question for your health. “IS MOLD THE ROOT CAUSE?”
- Dr. Donald Dennis, MD FACS

Free Evaluation
Evaluation is offered as a FREE resource and takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Please remember the result is not a diagnosis. You may present the facts to your physician to take into consideration. 
You’ve been dealing with a chronic, debilitating illness that not only impacts your sinuses; but impacts your whole body. You may have been to several doctors and taken countless antibiotics without success. Symptoms can include sinus pain and pressure, mucous production, and an immune deficiency that can impact your hormonal systems, leaving you fatigued, stressed, and miserable. Over decades, I have discovered a common element with many of my patients, the presence of mold. Many of these patients have been sick for years and even decades in some cases. I began systematically testing for mold on patient's clothing and sinus mucous and asked patients to test their homes, cars, work or anywhere they were breathing regularly.
As a result, I leveraged my laboratory and clinical experience to develop and formulate products to safely address mold in their bodies and in their living and working environments. In my practice, I began employing modern diagnostics to detect old antibodies in the patient's blood and mycotoxins in their urine to triangulate all contributing factors to their illness. I discovered that employing a simple survey would help patients focus on risk factors. We have recently streamlined this process by providing an online survey free of charge and offer affordable products and specific protocols to remove mold in the body and provide the required nutrition to help the body detoxify itself and heal. Today, thousands of patients have reached wellness and are living productive lives.

What Kind of Questions will the Evaluation Ask? What Will I Learn?

This FREE Evaluation is designed to investigate 4 key areas and bring clarity to the potential of mold as an
influence / cause of your chronic symptoms. The results will present key facts for each of the 4 areas.

Your sinuses

Infected sinuses are warm and moist and create mucous which mold feeds on and can reproduce into considerable masses. (fungal balls)


Mold may be visible in plain sight or hiding in unexpected places. The questionnaire will provide valuable information about the likelihood of mold thriving in your environment.


A body that is constantly fighting Mold infections and the allergic/inflammatory reactions becomes depleted. Infection can also affect the pituitary gland that can impact hormonal systems causing chronic fatigue.


Other antigens, food allergies, and viruses (co-infections) can lead to enhanced Mold sensitivities. These can be contributing factors to chronic disease.

1 in 4 People are
Genetically Mold Sensitive

Up to 25% of people have the HLA-DR Gene. This gene has been identified as an indicator of mold sensitivity and is responsible for identifying and eliminating foreign antigens like mold. Estimates suggest that up to 97% of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) possess the HLA-DR gene.
Ritchie Shoemaker - Surviving Mold

Look For Indicators and Obvious Clues

There are several simple immediate steps that can be taken to better understand if MOLD is an influence in your health.
This knowledge can help you find the most effective path to feeling good again.
- Donald Dennis, MD FACS


Some key indications could be hiding right under your nose. Literally. Mold-related Chronic Sinusitis can help lead to a solution.

  • Nasal Obstruction
  • Discolored Mucous Discharge
  • Sinus Headache
  • Allergy Symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog


Mold is sneaky and very resilient. It feeds anywhere where moisture meets organic material. It doesn’t take a flood or major leaks or water damage for mold to thrive.

  • Plumbing and Roofing Leaks
  • Flooding/Water
  • High Humidity >50%
  • Ground Water Moisture


Mold spores are invisible and everywhere. But high concentrations are easy to detect. If concentrations are high, your health could be at risk.

  • Tap Your Bed
  • Tap Your Carpet
  • Tap Your Couch
  • Tap Your Clothes


When air smells musty or you see mold, there is a high probability that mold is thriving nearby and the levels are too high for human health.  

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Laundry Room
  • Crawl Spaces or Attic

Follow the Proven Protocol Path to Wellness

Over the past 38 years, I have developed and employed a proven, successful protocol for my patients. These protocol include several proprietary products that were developed to safely help patients remove the mold and mycotoxins from their bodies, homes and belongings. The protocols also address providing support to decrease mold toxicity. I am pleased to now be able to make these easy-to-follow and inexpensive protocol and products available to all Chronic Sinusitis sufferers who are in need of the same help.
- Donald Dennis, MD FACS

Phase 1

Get Mold Out Of Your Body NOW

Many people report feeling better within days of starting Phase 1 due to the decrease in mold and mycotoxin presence in the body. This reverses the trend and allows critical immune system resources to act more effectively.
Without moving into Phase 2, improvement will be temporary. Getting your environment free of mold is the MOST IMPORTANT Phase of treatment.
Rinse your sinuses daily
Daily rinsing is the most effective way to remove mold and mycotoxins from your sinuses to allow your body to start the healing process.
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Protect your sinuses On-The-Go
Use CitriDrops Nasal Spray after your nasal wash or when you are not able to rinse / want continuous protection from ongoing mold spore exposure through the day.
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Purge mold from rest of the body
When taken orally, CitriDrops Dietary Supplement aids the immune system by helping to manage fungus and bacteria in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract.
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Create a safe breathing space
Burning EC3 Air Purification Candles keeps mold counts down in the air around you to levels that will not negatively impact your health.
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Phase 2

Remove Mold From Your Environment

Next, it is time to identify and mitigate the sources of the mold living in your environment and attacking your immune system. Mitigation of all mold sources is critically important to getting better and staying better.
Treatment miracle fact:
The best long-term results are always obtained by treating the CAUSE, which equals reducing mold counts in the air. Treating the air alone is 5 times more successful in treatment results than all other treatments combined.
Test your home, car, office for Mold
Use mold testing plates to identify the locations / sources of mold in your environment.
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Cleaning Mold from your home
Use EC3 Cleaning products to effectively remove mold without introducing toxic chemicals into your environment
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Removing Mold from laundry
Use EC3 Laundry Additive to remove Mold that has collected in your bed linens, clothes and towels. Continuous use also removes spores that continually collect from the air inside and outside. It is a safe, botanical non-toxic formula which leaves your musty laundry smelling fresh!
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Fog your home for maximum removal
The EC3 Cold Fogger is an easy-to-use way to mitigate the mold spread spores through your HVAC that settle everywhere in your home. The fogger spreads an ultra fine non-toxic mist that kills spores on contact and dries quickly. (As with any product, spray a test on a tissue to see if you have any sensitivity to it before fogging.) Sensitivity is very rare. 

Phase 3

Start Repairing Your Body

If you have had extreme mold exposure and have developed severe mold sensitivity, remaining vigilant and supporting your body’s immune and pituitary systems is CRITICAL to full recovery.
Raise your fungal resistance
Sinus Defense: increase your body's natural resistance to mold and other antigens as a multi-pronged approach to your mold protocol and hygiene! This can be an easy way to boost immunity in a school environment.  
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Boost fungal resistance 3x more
Adding Beta Glucans to your Sinus Defense regimen promotes lymphocyte and macrophage production--the cells in your body that destroy infection and remove debris and toxins.
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Supplement your immune system
Thymic Formula provides vitamin, mineral, and thymus gland support for making factors that nourish and strengthen immune function more bio available.
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Support your pituitary system
Celltropin is a homeopathic formula that helps restore Mold disrupted pituitary functions that cause hormone dysregulation, low thyroid, and adrenal fatigue
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Sinus Infection Remedy
Sinus Infection
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Chronic Sinusitis

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