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Mold Diagnostic Test Kit - Five Pack
Mold Diagnostic Test Kit - Five Pack

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ImmunoLytics Diagnostic Mold Test Kits offer cost-effective independent mold testing with the added benefits of professionally analyzed results. A lab-generated report is delivered directly to your email that includes spore counts, mold types, and a health risk analysis of the findings. 

The type and concentration of mold spores you are exposed to has a big impact on your health. ImmunoLytics Diagnostic Mold Test Kits provide everything you need to take your own indoor air samples and send them to the lab for professional analysis.  Once analysis is complete, you will receive an email from the lab telling you the mold types, including a relevant mold-type glossary, spore counts, and potential health risks of the mold(s) present in your sample.  


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0.75 LBS
Kit Includes:
Each kit includes complete, detailed instructions, gravity testing plates, all required forms, materials, and shipping information.
To test, open and place one mold plate in each indoor space. After an hour has elapsed, you will close, seal, label and cover each plate with the aluminum foil pieces provided in the kit. Follow the shipping directions to send the test plates to ImmunoLytics lab. Once the lab receives your plates, they will analyze your samples to determine the type and level of your mold exposure. You will receive a personal email with all of your results information. Once you know the nature of your mold issue, you can take the appropriate steps to remediate and protect your health.

1 Review Mold Diagnostic Test Kit - Five Pack

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    Posted by Carla


    I have tested my home twice with these kits and they are very simple to use and the results helped me develop a plan to eradicate mold from the house. It is also very important information that is sent to you and your doctor to inform them of the types and quantities of mold spores present in your environment. These tests a a must to completely get your health back.