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Mold Evaluation

Providing the best products for Mold Sufferers

Step 1. Test your home, car, office, etc. for mold
EC3 Mold Screening Test Plates
Step 2. Rinse sinuses daily to remove mold and mycotoxins at the nasal entry point to allow body to heal
CitriDrops Dietary Supplement +
Nasopure Nasal Wash System
Step 3. When you can’t rinse, are on the move, or need an added decongestant
Citridrops Nasal Spray
Step 4. Remove Mold and Mycotoxins from your immediate air
EC3 Air Purification Candles
Step 5. Clean your home of Mold
EC3 Environmental Products
Step 6. Boost and Support your Immune System
Thymic Formula
Step 7. Increase Your Resiliency to Mold Exposure
Sinus Defense
Step 8. Boost Immunity to Mold WITHOUT Reactivity Symptoms by up to 3X with Sinus Defense PLUS BetaMax 500
BetaMax 500
Step 9. Support your Pituitary, Hormonal, and Immune Systems

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    BetaMax 250

    BetaMax 250 works to enhance immune system strength and efficiency against fungal, bacterial, and viral antigens. When used with Sinus Defense, it increases your body's ability to identify, mark, and tag mold antigens, so that you will be less reactive...
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    Candida Rid

    Candida Rid is a blend of the most effective natural antifungals, herbs and nutrients for microbial infections and yeast overgrowth, including oil of oregano, caprylic acid, proteolytic enzymes, black walnut and wormwood. Candida Rid is designed to...
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    Complete Thymic Formula 120 Ct

    Complete Thymic Formula combines a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals with herbs and glandular factors to form a solid foundation of nutritional support to bolster your body's natural defense systems. Complete Thymic Formula combines cutting...
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    EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit - 6 Pack

    EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit includes everything you need to test for elevated levels of mold in the indoor air or on belongings.  Results in just 5 days!  Each kit contains 6 mold test plates and detailed instructions for testing indoor air or...
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    EC3 Mold Solution Spray and Laundry Additive Bundle

    $37.00 Regularly: $44.00
    A powerful duo! Two of our most popular, all-natural, botanically-based products for managing mold and bacteria in your home and on your belongings. EC3 Mold Solution Spray is used on surfaces, upholstery, and furniture, and EC3 Laundry Additive is for...
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    Sinus Defense/BetaMax 250 Bundle

    $85.00 Regularly: $104.00
    BetaMax 250 and Sinus Defense work together to enhance immune efficiency against fungal, bacterial, and viral antigens. BetaMax 250 is a high-dose, multi-branch Beta Glucan supplement. It is formulated to support the immune system with a broad...
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