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Benefits of Mold Fogging

Providing the best products for Mold Sufferers

EC3 Mold Fogging is a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE way to keep mold counts down in your home.

Our SANI-TIZER Fogger / EC3 Mold Solution / Test Plate Bundle is a powerful tool. It empowers you to keep mold counts manageable and safe and is easy to use. EC3 Mold Solution is all-natural and safe for children and pets without toxic chemicals. Low mold counts are critical to allow the human body to heal without a continuous assault on the Immune System.


Kit Includes: SANI-TIZER FOGGER, 32oz EC3 Mold Solution, 6 Mold Test Plates (Use 3 before fogging and 3 after)


Sani+tizer Fogger

The Sani-Tizer™ is specifically designed to spray anti‐microbial agents at a droplet size (5-50 microns in size) targeted to kill the living virus in the air, on surfaces, carpets, furnishings, curtains, pet beds, and clothes.

EC3 Mold Solution

Micro Balance's patented EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is an all-natural botanical solution that can be used to manage mold and bacteria to keep the fungal load in your air at a minimum.

Mold Test Plates

EC3 Mold Test Kits provide conclusive results regarding the presence of mold in the place of testing. Simply follow the instructions to interpret the results in days. Simple, Easy to Use. Test air samples in houses, household furnishings, and carpets. Takes minutes. Provides information to protects your family's health.

Cleanse and Maintain Critical Living Spaces

Mold enters your home daily through open doors or windows, on people, shoes, pets, and reproduces with food and moisture.

Mold Vigilance is Critical for a Healthy houshold! Fog Regularly!

Keep your Family and Household Safe and avoid the risks of relapses of chronic sinusitis and mold illness.